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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Twitter is so 2009. Celebs discover scary new online social site, Chat Roulette



    Move over Twitter, there’s a new social media craze hitting Hollywood.

    It’s called Chat Roulette. is a new webcam chatting game that allows you to webchat with completely randomly chosen people who are also logged in.

    Celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba and Chris Brown have taken to the brand new website to talk to strangers about whatever strikes their fancy, and Fox411 has the scoop on some of their online conversations.

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    For example, a Fox411 pal logged on to the new service and found himself suddenly chatting with disgraced singer Chris Brown.

    How does our pal know it was Brown? Because the chat is hooked the to the users’ webcams, so you see who you are talking to, and they see you.

    “We discussed his problems and all the media coverage over Rihanna,” said our chatter. “Chris apologized and kept repeating that he understood how hurtful it and upsetting it was. He said he was sorry for everyone involved including Rihanna and his/her fans. He was a good listener and after a few minutes he brought up his new album and even managed to plug it a little. It was random but he wasn’t a bad guy and didn’t rush to get off the chat.”

    Another user told us he happened upon a pretty and make-up free Jessica Alba online last week.

    “Jessica started off being a little cold and unfriendly, but eventually she seemed interested in our conversation and she opened up and explained what she was doing online,” said the chatter. “She was hanging out at home, surfing the net and told me that Ashton Kutcher told her all about the site and insisted she had to give it a try. Jessica explained that she was doing research for her husband, Cash Warren’s work. She wanted to see if CR would be a fun new marketing tool for Cash. We chatted for about 10 minutes.”

    Chat Roulette may be stars’ latest online fix, but it may not last for long. The welcome screen says you must be 16 to enter, but there  seems to be no real age monitor or limit on what you can discuss or show.

    - Kelly Will

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