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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Jon Gosselin's financial situation may be looking up thanks to kids, source says

    TV Gosselin Lawsuit

    Jon Gosselin may finally breathe a sigh of relief as his money woes start to wane.

    Now that Gosselin and TLC have come to a quiet agreement, Gosselin can be sure they will not be suing him for every penny he has made over the last few months, a source close to the situation tells FOX411.  

    The divorced dad of eight will even be able to generate a small income, if he allows his children to be filmed for the network’s reality show formerly known as “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” that is.

    “Jon is feeling very relieved right now,” a source close to Gosselin told Fox411. “He didn’t have anywhere near the money that TLC could have demanded for his breach of contract, so their negotiations worked out for him.”  

    But don’t expect him on “Jon and Kate Plus 8” next season. The source said Jon will not be a part of the show, a fact Kate is thrilled about.

    “It will be different from Jon and Kate Plus 8,” the source said.  “The kids may be off camera, they will be filmed less and talked about more to fill in storylines.  There will be no exploitation, but the kids have truly missed the camera crew and Kate would love to reunite them all. “ 

    However, despite his improved financial situation, all is not well in Jon Gosselin’s world as his team of lawyers and friends are starting to desert him, said the insider.  

    “Most of his friends gave Jon the benefit of the doubt and believed his stories last year, but they are cutting ties,” the source told Fox411.  “One of his closest confidantes is now referring to him as ‘the father of the year,’ in regards to his lack of interest in the kids’ daily lives.”

    Gosselin’s remaining pals reportedly want to see him refocus on his career again and make better financial choices for his children and himself. Jon also “hired” many of these friends to be on his payroll, which they believe he is unlikely to ever pay out.   

    Gosselin’s rep referred Fox411 to his lawyer, who did not respond for comment.

    -By Kelly Will

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