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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler are just friends, sources say


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    Don’t believe everything you read. Unless of course you’re reading FOX411.

    But we digress…

    Multiple sources are telling FOX411 that the multiple stories about Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler’s supposed romance add up to zero.

    The ‘Bounty Hunter’ stars set tongues a-wagging over their “romantic” birthday getaway in Cabo San Lucas Mexico last week. All of Jen’s Hollywood buddies, including Sheryl Crow and Courteney Cox Arquette, joined her to celebrate her 41st birthday. Gerard was one of the lucky few men to get an invite, along with her treasured hairstylist and best friend, Chris McMillan, but friends tell FOX411 the Mexican rendezvous was more PR-related than a love connection.

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    “Jennifer goes to Mexico every year with her girlfriends for her birthday and this year she decided to invite Gerry along for a bit of fun, too. She doesn’t mind that rumors spread like wildfire about their non-existent romance,” an insider said. “He’s just having fun and he agreed to tag along for the big bash. Jen likes having him around, he’s funny, always cracks jokes and he loves partaking in the cocktails with their whole crew. The other girls don’t mind having him around at all. He’s a hilarious addition to their vacation.”

    The source said their shows of affection make for good press as they prep for their press tour to premiere ‘The Bounty Hunter,’ set to open in theaters March 19.

    SLIDESHOW: The lovely and talented Jennifer Aniston.

    “Gerry will put on a show with Jen and spend time with her, but it is for the good of the movie,” the insider blabbed. “They are friends. They get along great. It’s an easy relationship and the rumors will die out after the release. Gerry is single and always on the prowl for a pretty lady. He’s enjoying his Hollywood bachelor lifestyle so much that even Jennifer Aniston can’t get him to give it up.”

    And what about those reports that the two were caught canoodling and kissing over champagne at the Golden Globes?

    “They were not making out!” our snitch said. “The reports are funny, but they hug and play around – there is no kissing.”

    - Kelly Will

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