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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Kevin 'K-Fat' Federline makes 'Celebrity Fit Club' debut at 232 pounds



    K-Fed doesn’t want to be K-Fat any longer.

    After months of anticipation, the former backup dancer and ex-Mr. Britney Spears made his debut on the new season of Vh1’s “Celebrity Fit Club.” K-Fed will compete with seven other “celebrities” willing to exchange their pride for a monetary prize.

    The show kicked off with a hilarious scene where the contestants hop on a bus to meet their trainer, drill sergeant Harvey Walden, at the “Fit Club” bootcamp barracks.

    After the contestants introduced themselves, Federline presented himself as “Kevin ‘Fat A**’ Federline.”

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    In addition to K-Fat ( a name fans gave him as his weight shot up to a staggering 232 pounds) contestants include:

    Bobby Brown, now 199 pounds and 26 percent body fat; former “Baywatch”star Nicole Eggert, who was questioned about her motives when the scale read just 130 pounds; Tanisha Thomas from “The Bad Girls Club,” whose 240lb weight and 47 percent body fat measurement caused diet guru Ian Smith to proclaim “you’re almost half fat!”; 80s heartthrob Sebastian Bach, now 223 pounds and deeply concerned with being a fat rockstar; “High School Musical” star Casey Stroh; “Project Runway” winner Jay McCarroll and last but not least, K-Fed’s scorned baby mama, Shar Jackson.

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    Jackson spent a lot of the first episode crying over her ex backup dancer boo, in addition to lamenting the fact that friends and family keep asking her “How’s Britney?” But despite her anger toward him, even Jackson noticed the change in Federline’s personality since his weight gain. During a particular poignant moment where the cast engaged in drum therapy with Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen, who is not fat and therefore not a member of the cast, Jackson hinted there is more to K-Fed’s transition to fat than a love affair with cheeseburgers and cheetos.

    Federline later admitted that he went through a period of depression after his divorce from Brit, in addition to bad habits that led to him packing on the pounds.

    Other highlights of the show included:

    - Bobby Brown getting busted for eating fried chicken and beer on his first night as a “Fit Clubber.”

    -Tanisha Thomas throwing up on the first day after running what seemed like 100 feet, prompting Walden to examine it and ask “is that broccoli?”

    - Jay McCarroll complaining that he can’t accessorize his camoflauge gear.

    - Walden proclaiming that his fitness program was inspired some of “world’s most dangerous warriors – marines, champion boxers, MMA fighters, even freakin’ Samurais”

    -  Nicole Eggert swearing that working out was like therapy and meditation for her leading fans to wonder why she claims she gained 30 plus pounds.

    - Thomas proclaiming when she saw Dr. Ian “Jean Claude Van Damme, he is fiiiiine!”

    - Federline finally admitting what we all have known for months” “I look like a pregnant man!”

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