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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Madonna invests in Brazilian youth-water


    Madonna is making a big $1.5 million investment in Vita Coco, coconut water made in Brazil.  

    This will be her second major import from the country, behind her Brazillian model boyfriend, 23 year-old Jesus Luz.  

    Madonna will join her manager Guy Oseary and other celebs like Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore as investors in the company.  Friends of the singer give us the inside track into what hooked Madonna on her latest health sensation.

    Sources tell us the Material Mom is obsessed with the water for its many benefits in health and aging.  

    “Madonna began drinking it in 2009 on her Sticky & Sweet tour and it became her drink of choice.  Before Vita Coco, she was drinking a lot of coffee and having special brands shipped to her on the tour.  She began drinking coconut water after workouts and shows. Madonna has a team of specialists around her including doctors, chiropractors and other people who could confirm that it’s a healthy choice.”

    SLIDESHOW: A look at the Material Girl through the years.

    By investing in Vita Coco, Madonna can ensure that it gets publicized, gets new fans and will always be at her fingertips.  

    “It’s around for Jesus to drink, too.  Madonna has it delivered everywhere she goes.  Coconut water is something the Brazilians have embraced for years, so it’s no coincidence that she’s been drinking it since meeting Jesus.  This is another way she can turn back the clock and pour something super healthy into her body.  Madonna uses it to detoxify and cleanse her system.”    

    Other health benefits of coconut water include lowering your cholesterol, preventing diabetes, boosting your metabolism and immune system.

    You can buy your Madonna Vita Coco water at Whole Foods and other specialty food markets.  

    -By Kelly Will

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