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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • If Kim Kardashian gets $10,000 a tweet, last week she made...

    Kim Kardashian

    Kim Kardashian is a big Tweeter, even by Hollywood standards.

    And there might be a good reason for that.


    Advertising Age reported that Kardashian is a “publisher” with in-stream advertising company The co-founder of, Derek Rey, told PRNewser that Kardashian can command $10,000 per tweet.

    He also said that’s publishers are limited to one paid tweet per day.

    SLIDESHOW: The lovely and talented Kim Kardashian.

    The curvy starlet has 2.7 million Twitter followers, and her stream is often littered with product mentions. But Kardashian denied that she’s raking in big bucks with her Twitter account. “Am I not allowed to talk about something I like without people assuming I must have been paid to do it?” she asked rhetorically. took a look at Kardashian’s Twitter account for the week ending January 31, 2010. We found nine Tweets for the following eight brands: her upcoming Bebe line (with Bebe spelled incorrectly), ShoeDazzle shoes, Muscle Flex Vata fitness gear (twice), Brian Lichtenberg swim suits, Dan Tana’s restaurant, celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson, QuickTrim weight loss supplements, and CVS pharmacy.

    Now, we know she already has deals with QuickTrim and Bebe. If for argument’s sake the remaining brands mentioned were clients, she would have made up to $70,ooo with her allotted seven Tweets.

    In one week. With seven tweets of 140 characters or less.

    Say she did that for a year, with a couple of weeks off for holidays. That’s $70,000 x 50 weeks.

    Which equals $3.5 million.

    “I want my fans to know what products, gadgets, foods, clothes and beauty products I like and I love sharing all that with my fans,” Kardashian said when defending her product tweets.

    See below to see if you think these are innocent “sharings,” more lucrative Twitter “publisher” mentions, or both.

    # I’m on my way to Century City wearing a dress from my new BeBe line that comes out next month! And ShoeDazzle shoes of course!

    So exhausted, had a photo shoot today for Muscle Flex Vata fitness gear, and just got a much needed mani pedi. Now off to a fittning!

    Another sneak peek from my shoot! Love this Brian Lichtenberg swim suit! SUPER SEXY & EDGY!

    Excited for my Dan Tana’s dinner date with my girls @BrittGastineau and @CarlaDiBello

    I was practically sleep walking through that workout but Gunnar Peterson pulled me through it! Feels so good after!

    About 2 hit the gym right now in my sassy VATA gym gear! U have 2 check out their workout gear LOVE IT!

    Have u guys seen QuickTrim at CVS? Its now available at all of their pharmacies!

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