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  • IDOL 411: "American Idol" makes Katy Perry feel dirty


    What does it take to make Katy Perry feel dirty?

    Does Simon Cowell have a long-lost daughter?

    What would come of Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert having sex?

    These were some of the urgent questions that were answered on Tuesday as “American Idol” searched for a superstar in Los Angeles.

    While guest judge Avril Lavigne stayed in character, playing her usual role as a bratty, post-adolescent punk rocker (and looking much younger than her 25 years in a hoodie sweatshirt with devil ears), fellow guest judge Katy Perry provided a more grown-up type of entertainment.

    Wearing a red dress cut so dangerously low that it was like the elephant in the room, Perry proclaimed that she “felt dirty” after hearing 21-year-old contestant Jason Greene sing and gyrate to The Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself.”

    Was Katy’s cleavage too much? [Poll]

    “I feel dirty… and it takes a lot for me to feel dirty,” the “I Kissed a Girl” singer declared.

    “I’m sure it does… especially with that top,” Greene responded, drawing attention to the singer’s abundantly obvious cleavage.’s Diane Macedo breaks last night’s episode down on “Good Day New York.”

    But Perry (who reminds us of a human Betty Boop) wasn’t the only judge that caught Greene’s eye. Greene also asked a clearly uncomfortable Simon to join him “on his knees” and embarrassed him with other innuendos.

    Just when we thought it couldn’t get any more awkward, Greene slipped his phone number to Ryan on the way out, leading Ryan to once again deny tabloid rumors that he’s gay.

    WATCH Jason Greene’s gyrating performance of The Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself.”

    Perry also got another judge hot… under the collar. The 25-year-old bombshell seemed to take every opportunity to disagree with Kara, making fun of her voice at one point (“Are you talking to a person or a puppy?”) and her advice (“This isn’t a Lifetime movie”). She also responded to one of Kara’s puns with a sarcastic faux drum roll. Hey, she warned us that she was a “brutally honest kind of gal.”

    But as usual, “Idol” balanced the awkward moments with the feel-good ones. Like when the 8-year-old daughter of 28-year-old contestant Mary Powers said that she always wanted to meet Simon because “He’s the only… nega-negativity one.”

    Ultimately, both Powers and her daughter managed to charm Simon, with Powers getting a golden ticket to Hollywood and Simon wondering aloud if the little girl was his long-lost daughter. Aww.

    WATCH Mary Powers’ golden ticket-winning audition — and her adorable daughter.

    And while Ryan said edgy, punk-rock Powers could be the new Adam Lambert, she had plenty of competition in that department.

    One such wannabe, 20-year-old A.J. Mendoza, set our expectations high when he claimed that the real Lambert had positive things to say about his demo tape. But when he opened his mouth to sing, Simon said it “sounded like you’d gone to the dentist about 10 minutes ago with a ton of anesthetic in your mouth.” Still another Lambert devotee claimed that “If Susan Boyle and Adam Lambert had sex, I’d be [the result].” If you missed the mash-up of what this would actually look like, rewind your DVR.

    Not surprisingly, there were still more weirdos in Los Angeles, like 19-year-old super-nerd Neil Goldstein (who bragged about his 168 IQ but had trouble finding his way out the door) and 19-year-old Austin Fullmer, who claimed that “sexually, there’s never been anyone else like me on ‘Idol.’” Perry wondered what we were wondering last week when she asked if the contestants are frisked before their auditions.

    But as always, there were some impressive talents and inspirational stories among the 11,000 hopefuls, such as 23-year-old Andrew Garcia, whose parents moved out of Compton to give their sons a better life; 27-year-old Jim Ranger, a pastor who hopes music will provide for his wife and three children; and 25-year-old Chris Golightly, who spent almost his entire childhood in more than 25 foster families.

    WATCH Chris Golightly wow the judges with his rendition of “Stand by Me.”

    “I had nothing in life… this is my first something,” Golightly said after earning his golden ticket. Moments like these make all the Goldsteins and Fullmers worthwhile.

    —Jennifer D’Angelo Friedman, Amos Content Group


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