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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Jon Gosselin displays diva tendencies at Sundance

    (Source: X17)

    (Source: X17)

    Jon Gosselin is taking over the Sundance Film Festival, much to the chagrin of real actors and celebrities.

    The divorced dad of eight has moved into the snow-covered Utah mountains and is staying at the family home of new galpal, Morgan Christie.  The two have been spotted all over town snagging freebie swag and making out in public.

    “Jon and Morgan are really making a spectacle of themselves and Jon expects star treatment everywhere he goes,” an insider tells Fox411. ”He has turned into a total diva.  He and Morgan have been setting themselves up at free events each day, they request security teams to help them and make sure the paparazzi are around to catch them.”

    The two decided to make a special date night out of the Kelis performance at the Film Lounge/House of Hype on Friday night.

    SLIDESHOW: Jon Gosselin’s Gal Pals

    “Jon made sure he was escorted into the venue with full security and he insisted on watching the performance with Morgan on the side of the stage, all alone, while real celebrities were in the audience with everyone else.  Morgan was ALL over Jon during the performance.  Then, when Jon was ready to leave, which was before the concert was over, he made security escort him and Morgan to his car.  It was lame!”

    Ryan Reynolds and Bob Saget were also at the House of Hype for Kelis and the two men acted a little different than Jon and Morgan.  ”Ryan and Bob hung out with the regular crowd and they drank beer and mingled with everyone all night.  They were laid back and cool while Jon acted like he was a superstar.  Everyone in the audience was wondering why Jon demanded such treatment.”

    Click here for more Jon photos from X17 Online.

    -Kelly Will


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