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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • British star Sadie Frost poses nude without airbrushing


    British Actress Sadie Frost is proud to say that just because she is a celebrity doesn’t mean she has a perfect body.

    The 44-year-old mother of four and ex-wife of Jude Law appears in the new issue of Grazia magazine completely nude and airbrush free. The actress claims that her goal is to show that her body is real and natural and that women should be proud of the bodies they have.

    Warning: NSFW photo after the jump


    “I want to make a big point here,” the actress told the magazine. “It’s not about taking my clothes off and using digital trickery to make me look slimmer. I’m like any other woman. I have bits I like – my boobs, my shoulders, my arms – and bits I don’t – my bum and my stomach.”

    The former party girl, who serves as a guest editor for the issue, also opened up about hard times in her life, including her split from Law in 2003 and her father’s illness.

    “Everyone has an opinion,” she said of the public who scrutinized her partying with Kate Moss and other stars. “You may not be doing the right thing, but you’re just doing anything to get through the pain.”

    Now, the vegetarian and surgery-free star says she takes good care of herself to look her best.

    “I’m in my forties. I can’t believe it happened. I can’t make myself look any younger but I can do what I can to make myself look the best I can,” Frost said.

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