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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Constantine Maroulis signs on for a 'showmance' with Tinsley Mortimer, source says



    2009 has been mighty fine for former “American Idol” 6th-place contestant Constantine Maroulis.

    The star of the Broadway musical “Rock of Ages” was nominated for a Tony, asked by Miley Cyrus to perform at her birthday party, and named’s star of the year.

    Next up? A showmance with New York City socialite Tinsley Mortimer on the CW reality show “Empire State,” set to debut in 2010.

    “Constantine signed up to ‘date’ socialite Tinsley Mortimer on her new CW show,” a source close to the show told “He was into it, thought she was cute, and [thought] he’d have some fun doing it. He’s just building up different projects, and since this one is in New York about the life of New Yorkers, he thought he would get involved.”

    Tinsley, 33, is a handbag and clothing designer who filed for divorce eight months ago from Standard oil heir Topper Mortimer.

    Yep, his first name is Topper! Ha!

    Anyhoo, while Maroulis, 34, is psyched about the TV deal, it sounds like his people are kind of not.

    “‘Empire State’ is ’staged reality’ and Constantine’s agents and managers would prefer he focus solely on the Broadway stage and other more respectable projects,” the insider said.

    The other “real” characters on the “staged reality” show (we know, it’s confusing) aren’t too happy with the faux showmance, either.

    “The families of the real characters on the show are worried it will be embarrassing because the story lines are created,” the source said. “He’s not really dating Tinsley and she’s quietly admitted it to friends.”

    Reps for CW and Maroulis were not immediately available for comment.

    So what does dating for the cameras entail exactly?

    “They went out a couple of times and they spent a little pre-holiday time together,” the pal blabbed. “Constantine invited Tinsley to see ‘Rock of Ages.’ It’s a great advertisement for the show and for New York, two things he loves. She’s hot and he got to kiss her and canoodle a bit – it wasn’t a hardship.”

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