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  • 'Jersey Shore' Glossary: Vibing (v.) Being attracted to someone; flirting.


    ‘Jersey Shore’ Glossary

    Arm sweatbands – Accessory worn by Angelina.

    Banana clip – Hair accessory used by Snooki to prop up her poof.Bang that out – Have sexual intercourse.

    Blowouts and poufs – Preferred hairstyles at the Jersey Shore. The men gel and style their spiky blowouts (which look best the day of the haircut), and the ladies scrunch and tease a section of hair at the top of their heads. Snooki claims to have invented the poof.

    Doggin’ you out – 1.) Looking at someone in a confrontational manner. 2.) Talking badly about someone.

    Ed Hardy – Preferred brand of Jersey Shore vacationers and Jon Gosselin. The more dragons, hearts, and crystals that embellish the item, the better.

    Fist pumping – A hand motion utilized by Jersey Shore males to show enthusiasm, especially when dancing to house music.

    Juicehead – Someone who uses steroids in order to gain muscle mass.

    Parliament Lights – Cigarette brand of choice.

    Ron Ron juice – A special blended cocktail containing watermelon, cranberry juice, and booze.

    The Princess of Poughkeepsie – Snooki

    The Kim Kardashian of Staten Island — Angelina

    Trash bags – Serve as suitcases for Angelina.

    Vibing – Being attracted to someone; flirting.

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