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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Fox411 Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan now afraid to leave voice messages

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    Lindsay Lohan is disgusted by her father’s recent release of their taped conversations, but says the recordings are old and have nothing to do with what’s happening in her life now, says a source close to the distraught star.

    The insider tells Fox411 that Lohan never trusted her father Michael, and is sick that he has made ancient conversations public and is trying to pass them off as new. But the sad starlet is so rattled by the revelations, she has stopped trusting even her closest friends.

    SLIDESHOW: The troubled life of Lindsay Lohan.

    “Lindsay is paranoid about every move she makes and doesn’t feel like she can trust anyone, thanks to her father,” the pal tells Fox411. “She has stopped leaving voice mails for friends and employees. Lindsay is terrified of everyone backstabbing her. This is the lowest her father has ever gone. She is furious!”

    Michael Lohan said he was only releasing the conversations for his daughter’s own good, as a first step toward assuming legal conservatorship of her assets, much the way Britney Spears’ father took over the financial arrangements for his troubled daughter last year.

    But Lindsay, 23, is hardly on board with such a proposition. The source says Lindsay is instead working to gain greater control of her name and image, copyrighting everything possible to block her father, and to make sure no one can repeat what mom Dina did with her “Shoe Han” shoe line.

    “Lindsay has her lawyers and managers helping her get the rights to her name, in different forms, locked down so only she can use them,” says the source. “It really upsets her how she is constantly finding herself in messy situations with her parents.”

    It turns out Dina was the parent in the hottest water with Lindsay before Michael dropped the telephone tapes bombshell earlier this week.

    “She had asked her assistants and friends to deflect calls from her mother the last few weeks. Lindsay was doing major avoidance of phone calls,” says the source. “Now Lindsay needs her mom to help fight off her dad, so they were immediately back in touch. She’s talking to her mom, but she really has lost trust in both her parents.”

    Could her father’s embarrassing voicemail release be what wakes up the wayward actress? Besides her push to protect herself, Lindsay is also acting again. She has a small role in the film “Machete,” starring Jessica Alba and Robert DeNiro, that her pal says she hopes will lead to bigger and better things.

    “She had about five days of shooting ["Machete"] and has a few more days to go,” says the source. “She is not the star, but she should be featured nicely. Lindsay wants to prove that she can distance herself from the family drama and still be a great actress.”

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