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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • Fox411 Exclusive: Ashlee Simpson 'deeply disliked' by 'Melrose Place' cast members

    (Courtesy: CW)

    (Courtesy: CW)

    Ashlee Simpson’s diva behavior got her booted from the CW hit ‘Melrose Place’, a source close to one cast member tells Fox411.

    “Ashlee was kicked off ‘Melrose Place’ because she was a total diva on set, late all the time, and deeply disliked by fellow cast members,” the insider spills. “It created a lot of discord among the cast.”

    SLIDESHOW: Ashlee Simpson then and now.

    Another big problem, says the snitch?

    “She could barely act.”

    (If you saw her episodes, you know this to be true.)

    But not being able to act and being a diva hardly set Simpson apart from many of the venerable primetime soap’s stars, both current and past. The insider tells Fox411 it was the producer’s need to bring in one of those past stars that also hastened Simpson’s swan song.

    The source says producers desperately wanted Heather Locklear to reprise her role, but couldn’t afford her salary demands without cutting someone.

    “They basically trimmed the fat and made it possible for Heather to join the show,” says the snitch. “Heather is a much bigger name than Ashlee.”

    Plus the source gave one more piece of casting scoop. “Melrose” legend Jack Wagner is reprising his role, too!

    Does that mean even more newbies will be biting bullets? Why not just dump them all and bring back the whole original cast, while they’re at it?

    We nominate Billy for the next cameo.

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