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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • FOX411 EXCLUSIVE: Hailey Glassman still with Jon Gosselin, trying to scam freebies...

    Jon and Hailey pose aboard designer Christian Audigier's boat in Saint Tropez, France on July 11, 2009. (PHOTO:

    Jon and Hailey pose aboard designer Christian Audigier's boat in Saint Tropez, France on July 11, 2009. (PHOTO:

    Jon Gosselin isn’t the only person trying to benefit from the freebies bestowed by his tabloid cover life. His girlfriend Hailey Glassman is trying to collect as many extras as she can, too.

    FOX411 has learned that Hailey’s people (meaning her friends) are putting out calls and requests for clothing, jewelry and even specially delivered diets for the 23 year-old to take advantage of her role in the “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ drama.

    As stories of Jon’s multiple infidelities with nanny Stephanie Santoro multiply following her interview with In Touch magazine last week in which Santoro detailed their affair, Hailey Glassman is still dating the father of eight and milking the relationship as much as she can. “Hailey and Jon are still together [at least] momentarily,” says an insder. “His profession of love for her on television seems to be carrying him through the Stephanie Santoro magazine covers. They are seeing each other in New York.”

    And while they continue to canoodle, Hailey has friends calling as fast as they can for freebies on her behalf. “Hailey thinks her fame should get her the same kind of things that Jon’s fame does,” says a source. “She has given people the task of making calls to companies for things like clothes. Even though she is never photographed, she seems to think that she is famous and deserving of the free stuff, just like Jon. She recently had a pal call a health food delivery service that she wanted to get for free, too.”

    Sadly, Hailey was denied the detox diet.

    One of the businesses contacted by Glassman’s friends explains: “We don’t want to be a part of the drama and most companies have no desire to align themselves with Jon and Hailey. They are such a mess and people are turning her down immediately. It is ridiculous to think that she deserves swag, when she isn’t photographed publicly and if she is, it is amid major scandal. Companies that gift to celebrities want positive people attached to their products and their story is not positive.”

    Understatement of the year?

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