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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 as of 11:14 AM ET

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  • FOX411 EXCLUSIVE: Jon Gosselin spending his money on Hailey Glassman, little on his kids...

    Jon and Hailey pose aboard designer Christian Audigier's boat in Saint Tropez, France on July 11, 2009. (PHOTO:

    Jon and Hailey pose aboard designer Christian Audigier's boat in Saint Tropez, France on July 11, 2009. (PHOTO:

    Jon Gosselin is plowing through his share of the money from TLC’s “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” sources tell FOX411 exclusively.

    He and soon-to-be ex-wife Kate Gosselin get equal shares of the money (reportedly $75,000 per episode each), but that doesn’t mean they do the same thing with their halves. Friends tell FOX411 Jon is going on spending sprees for his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman and living large in New York, while Kate is squirreling her cash away for a rainy day.

    “Kate was the accountant in their family. She was in charge of the bank accounts and kept Jon on a tight leash and budget,” says an insider. “He got a certain amount of money per week and that was it. Now that he’s free of all that control, he’s like a kid with play money.”

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    But apparently not much of that play money is being spent on his own children, says the source.

    “He uses his ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′ connections to get free stuff for the children, and then he pays for big ticket items for Hailey,” says the snitch. “While he was in Vegas this weekend flirting with many other women, he bought Hailey expensive jewelry. Then he got tons of free candy for the kids.”

    Jon has also taken on a New York apartment as his second home, says the insider. “Jon is spending a lot of money to live in New York City and be close to Hailey. She spends most nights with him and they usually order food or go out to nice restaurants on the Upper West Side. They take cabs everywhere and he takes her shopping and to visit her family. Jon houses his car in a garage in the city as well for easy access for the shopping trips and drives home to Pennsylvania. The money is going fast!”

    Jon has started getting offers pouring in for major appearance fees, where he will be paid to host events like he did last weekend at Wet Republic in Las Vegas, says the insider. “It’s an easy way for Jon to make a little money on the side, but his TLC contract is pretty stringent and it is unlikely that they will allow Jon to host parties anywhere and everywhere. He needs to cut back on spending because once the show ends, the money will completely dry up.”

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